Chicago, IL

live streams

Acoustic REQUEst show

every tuesday at 7pm cdt

Pick from a list of over 150+ anime songs you want to hear like My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan, video games like Kingdom Hearts and Persona, plus RWBY, Steven Universe, and much more!

Drum Stream

every Thurs at 7pm cdt

Request an anime or video game song that Kid Yuki will jam along to on an electric drum kit. Find a video on YouTube and share it to the queue!

or Addtional Streams throughout the week


Previous Conventions
MechaCon 2021
UChi-Con 2020
Daisho Con 2019
Anime Expo 2018
ColossalCon 2018
No Brand Con 2018
Ramencon 2017

For booking inquiries, contact [email protected]Or tell a convention near you about Kid Yuki and The Otakus!